Partnership for sidewalks: The Buckhead Coalition has formed a partnership with the PATH Foundation under which the coalition will pay 50 percent of the coast of building sidewalks in Buckhead. The goal is to develop miles of new sidewalks to make the area more pedestrian friendly.

The Atlanta Bicycle Campaign is working to establish a bike lane network linking neighborhoods and major activity centers in Buckhead. To get involved, join the Buckhead BUG (Bicycle User Group). Contact Kevin McCauley or phone 404-531-0006 or Mike McLeod or phone 404-842-1791 or check out the ABC Web site at
Transportation alternatives - Buckhead - Atlanta, GA.
BATMA logo BATMA (Buckhead Area Transportation Management Association) is developing a Buckhead shuttle. It also offers other transportation alternatives. Visit BATMA
BATMA trolley
BATMA has identified final routes for its Buckhead shuttle service and the system plans to kick off in 2001. The service will be free and the buses, designed to look like trolley cars, will be powered by electricity. The service will focus on Buckhead's business commuters during the week and on the entertainment district in the evenings and on weekends.

PEDS, Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety, is a grass-roots group dedicated to making Atlanta's streets and sidewalks safer and more accessible. A recent Buckhead demonstration drew attention to the new Galyan's store across from Phipps Plaza that offered no entrances from the sidewalk, forcing walkers to go though the parking garage to gain entry. To learn more about PEDS and pedestrian issues, visit
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