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By Fred Brown and
Sherri M.L. Smith

Illustrations by
Garry Pound

$18.95 plus shipping and handling

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ISBN: 1-58072-005
$18.95 plus shipping and handling
7" x 10", 304 pages, illustrations, 4-color fold-out map.

Proceeds to Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper.

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The Riverkeeper's Guide
to the Chattahoochee

With a preface by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and endorsed by Jane Fonda and Newt Gingrich, The Riverkeeper's Guide to the Chattahoochee is a comprehensive guide to one of the loveliest rivers in the Southeast.

From its origin at Chattahoochee Gap to where it flows into Apalachicola Bay - one of the most productive estuaries in North America - the Chattahoochee is a prototypical American River. Understand it, and you will know more about all the waterways of the country.

The Riverkeeper's Guide to the Chattahoochee includes hiking trails, canoe and sea kayak trails, driving tours, parks, historical sites, boating, fishing...virtually every recreational opportunity that the river provides.

Accompanying the recreational guide text are "sidebars" (which may be anywhere in length from one column to several pages) bringing light to the people, history, culture, natural environment and geology of the entire river valley.

...Authors Fred Brown and Sherri Smith have put together an entertaining guidebook that knits together the recreational value of the river while tracing its history and ecological importance -- Newt Gingrich

...This detailed guidebook is your introduction to this great liquid treasure....you will never see the Chattahoochee - or any other river - the same way again... -- Jane Fonda

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